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Office Hours

M–F, 9:00am–4:00pm EST

What is it like to attend training from National Stormwater Center? 

Here are recent feedback comments:

 "Class was great! I would recommend it to anyone or organization that has anything to do with drainage, construction, or water quality. Jeff is the perfect instructor for this class."

"I love your teaching style. Thank you so much for spending the extra time after the class to help me understand my permit. "

"I was able to learn a lot that I can bring back, and hopefully get the ball rolling here in my community."

"The class reaffirmed most of what I am doing and filled in the gaps to everything I wasn’t sure about."

"I was concerned about this being in webinar format, but I think Jeff did a good job of asking for participation from all of us. It definitely made me stay focused on the content – even though I just wanted to be outside enjoying the nice weather on Tuesday!"

"I can’t let the day end before thanking you. Like every National Stormwater Center class I’ve attended, masterfully prepared and delivered. And about as lively as the subject of environmental regulation could ever hope to get."


"Thank you for the engaging and informative class yesterday. I learned a lot, and now have an awareness of several shortcomings in our SWPPP and storm water plan."

"Very interesting material. I wish there was a way to implement it without impeding upon the profit incentive of all the business people of the world. I guess as the population on the earth increases, even doubling in the next 30 or so years, the need for clean water will become even more of a public incentive and it may become easier to get regulations in place that can help.

More Information on our classes:

During these times, our Certified Stormwater Inspector training classes are being conducted via instructor-led, interactive webinar technology.  Certification is valid for 5 years. All graduates may take CSI – Recertification to extend their credentials for an additional 5 years.

Permits require "Qualified Personnel" who conduct inspections be part of the Stormwater Team.  The National Stormwater Center certifies graduates.  This certification indicates that the services our graduates conduct are being performed by professionals who have met the established standards of knowledge, experience, and competence required in the field of stormwater inspections.  The National Stormwater Center's Certified Stormwater Inspector classes have been an integral part of the success of 10,200 inspectors across the country.  

Certified Stormwater Inspector™ (CSI) Courses:


CSI - California MS4

CSI - Puerto Rico MS4

CSI - Military Facilities

CSI - Water Quality & TDML's

CSI - Construction

CSI - Industrial for Permittees including MS4 Industrial Activities

CSI - Integrated Planning for Municipalities seeking EPA funding to meet Effluent Limitations.

CSI - Permit Shield for those impacted by the April 2020 SCOTUS ruling on indirect discharges

CSI - Recertification


Additional Courses:

Industrial SWPPP Development Sector Specific

Industrial Employee Training by Sector (On Demand training)

Florida’s Construction and Erosion & Sediment Control course, mandatory for those working on projects in Florida.

International Stormwater Center

Private class sessions can be scheduled


From our 501(c)(3) not-for-profit foundation:

Certified Stormwater Volunteers

Certified Stormwater Students


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